Irene Lang

Professor Irene MartIrene Langhe Lang is a senior staff member at the Department of Cardiology, and Deputy Chairwoman of the Department. Completing her medical education and residency at the University of Vienna, she carried out a joint 5-year post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of California and the Scripps Research Institute. Since 2004, she has been Professor of Vascular
Biology at the Medical University of Vienna. Her research interests include pulmonary vascular biology and right ventricular function.

Prof. Lang has led numerous studies in the cardiovascular field and is an active interventional and structural cardiologist and researcher. She was nominated by the World Medical Association as a “Caring Physician of the World” in 2006, and is past president of the Austrian Society of Cardiology. Prof. Lang is part of the International CTEPH Association (ICA). Prof. Lang also directs an outpatient unit for pulmonary vascular disease. She has made significant contributions in the field of basic vascular biology.







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